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Vuarnet-F-Sweat with Logo Big Patch

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$112.50 CAD

Product description

Timeless with this gray sweatshirt and its original Vuarnet logo on the front. The round neck, the hem and the colorful wrists add an elegant French touch that corresponds to the values ​​of the brand. 92 % cotton with polyester and elastane to add just enough elasticity to be comfortable during cooler days. Vuarnet launches its new fall-winter streetwear clothing collection.

The collection is enriched by a technical and protective aspect which underlines the sporting spirit of the brand. Union of tradition and modernity, the style of the collection is voluntarily turned towards the city. The general aspect is a contrast between the rich and functional details inside and the minimalist aspect outside. True to the brand's roots and values, this collection was created with intransigence on quality, a particular focus on the materials used, as well as on cuts and finishes.


  • 92%cotton, 7%polyester, 1%elastane to add just enough stretch to be comfortable for cooler days.