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Seven wonders of Jack wolfkin-f-shoes

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If you plan to visit the seven wonders of the world, the seven wonders low shoes will keep your feet in you doing so. This shoe is equipped with our Texaco climate system to keep your feet cool even in the powerful Taj Mahal or Petra, Jordan. The mesh upper allows cool air to enter the shoe as you walk. It's also super lightweight, allowing you to step up countless steps leading to the Roman arena, climb the statue of Christ the Savior in Rio de Janeiro, or visit Machu Picchu. The soles of your feet are very comfortable. You can even walk along the Great Wall if you want! As the name suggests, these shoes are also very small in size, which is a real advantage when you travel with the least luggage.

  • Comfortable fit upper: comfortable fit, more space in forefoot, more shock absorption effect in heel
  • Texaco climate system
  • Wolf City hike: lightweight and flexible sole for EVA travel and casual shoes
  • Flexible tank painting system with nylon buckle

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