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Jack Wolfski-H-Chaussure Seven Wonders Packer Low

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Product description 

Aerial lightness to browse the wonders of the world: with seven wonders of the world in seven days, the Seven Wonders travel shoe Packer Low keeps your feet in the shape of several ways! It is equipped with the Jack Wolfskin Texacool air conditioning system which keeps your feet relatively fresh - even at high temperatures to the majestic Taj Mahal or Petra, Jordan. Due to the mesh upper, the fresh air between constantly in the shoe during walking. The Seven Wonders Packer Low is also super light. Thus, you can easily master the countless steps of the Colosseum, the ascent of the statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro and the installations around the Machu Pichu and Chichen Itzá. And thanks to the comfortable sole, you can also browse the entire Great Wall of China. The size of the shoe packaging is also unbeatable: you can fold it flat - an advantage, not only for small luggage.


  • Comfort Fit Prime
  • Dynamic and precise adjustment, perfectly adjusted heel, anatomical insole with poron cushioning area, high durability, premium comfort experience during walking.
  • Wolf City hike is a very light and flexible travel and leisure sole with flexible grooves in EVA.
  • Super light travel shoe with durable mesh material
  • Light 3D structure
  • Airy additional cushioning climate
  • Comfort cut
  • Lacing with nylon loops

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