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Luhta f-ivalo mantle

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$175.00 CAD
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$250.00 CAD
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$175.00 CAD

Product description

Soft down jacket for women. Functionality and comfort has always been a key point in the design process of a.w.s. active products, making them suitable for both energetic and relaxing activities. Waterproof and breathable fabric: 8000 mm / 3000 MVP. The material can effectively protect you from wind and water, and increase the air permeability and comfort. 4-way retractable material can be extended in any direction to achieve the maximum degree of freedom.
  • Insulation keeps you warm.
  • Comfortable and practical soft shell material, suitable for a variety of outdoor activities.
  • The product is waterproof and windproof.
  • Breathable fabric for a comfortable fit.
  • Brand logo.
  • The Hoodie is detachable.
  • The details of the fabric combination are attractive.
  • The headphone coil keeps the headphone coil in place without winding.
  • Inside pocket.
  • Zipper pocket.
  • Two way front zipper.
  • Plus sign: slightly widened for maximum comfort. 
  • Mattress parts.